ChildSafe Traveler Tips+-

Make a financial or in-kind contribution to an organization working to provide children and their families with a stable future.

Do your research to ensure the organization you choose to support is helping children and their families not only to protect them now, but also provide education and training so they can become productive citizens and support themselves in the future.

Here is a set of questions to help you decide:

  • Is the organization registered with the local government?
  • Does the organization have a child protection policy?
  • Is staff suitably trained for their responsibilities?
  • Are financial reports readily available?

Support vocational training projects, and buy products made by parents so they can earn an income and keep their families together.

Consider volunteering your skills with organizations that are building the capacity of local staff to ensure long term sustainability for the community.

When selecting an organization to volunteer with, do your research and ensure they are reputable. You will have a more positive experience and the community will benefit from the skills training you provide:

A selection of recommended volunteer programs is:

Giving Blood

Angkor Hospital For Children was founded in 1999, and has treated over 1 Million Cambodian children. The hospital requires blood donations which are conducted in a safe and clean environment meeting international standards. For more information visit their website.

Support Animal Welfare Organizations

Phnom Tamao Zoo,

Have you come across any organizations you feel meet these criteria that we could add to our list? Please tell us about them, email:

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