ChildSafe Traveler Tips

In your daily life and during your travels, you might be confronted by situations where children are in distress or at risk of being abused or harmed.

Indeed, all children are vulnerable to accidents, abuse, neglect and/or crime. Some children already face such abuses in their daily lives: street children, working children, children forced into prostitution, children using drugs, etc. There are an estimated 500 million children living on the margins of society across the world.

We have a shared responsibility to protect children from all forms of abuse; it is however not easy to know how to recognize such abuses, what the risks are and how best to react.

The 7 Tips we provide you with information, suggested courses of action, and practical advice on what to do so that you can be a ChildSafe traveler.


7 Better Ways to Help Protect Children Around the World

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